Running Hack Gear List (aka What’s in My Bag)

*** Updated for the end of the year / winter***

What do you need to run?  Just a pair of shoes and shorts, right?  Well some would argue you need a lot more.  A few would even argue for less…

I am a gear junkie.  I love trying out new stuff and then trying the newer stuff.  In fact, before technology helped consolidate all my gadgetry, I would probably carry an extra 5 lbs of stuff (GPS unit, watch, mp3 player, headphones, heart rate monitor, hydration belt with 2 – 4 bottles, Gu packs).  I looked like Batman in a singlet.

Now, I am a bit more discriminating when it comes to gear.  Every ounce of stuff needs to have three ounces of value or I don’t need it.  Here is the stuff I currently use most often, but I am always looking for upgrades or replacements.  Let me know if you have opinions or experiences with this stuff or similar.  Share with other gear junkies, too!



  • Anything zero-drop (favorites are New Balance Minimus Hi-Rez, but they seem to be extinct; This guy doesn’t know what I am talking about)
  • Tesla BK31 (see my review here)
  • Current Training Shoe – Skechers GoMeb Speed 4 Racing Shoe (4mm drop, light, good on roads and gravel)


  • Oakley Half Jackets (1.0) with Revant replacement lenses
  • Fun Fact: I have had these frames for over 12 years – replaced 5 sets of lenses and 2 sets of ear socks & nose pads; These aren’t perfect, but nothing else fits better!
  • I need recommendations for a smallish / narrow face that won’t slide down!

Seat Protection (Post Run)

  • UltraSport Waterproof SeatShield
  • I have had one of these for years and have washed it maybe twice.  It never stinks, won’t soak through, and dries quickly.



  • Plantronics BackBeat Fit
  • These have worked well so far.  They may not be the clearest for phone calls, but that can be the reason to get off the phone, whether you are running or not.


  • TomTom Spark Cardio + Music
  • It is still hard to find a GPS watch with MP3 capability.  The best was the Moto ACTV but it wasn’t water resistant and is now unsupported.  I think the Wearables fad has hurt us off-grid runners that do not carry phones.

Phone carrier

  • I am running more and more with a phone so  can listen to podcasts and have access to a map app.  I used to only carry a phone when running while on travel.
  • Good enough: Cheap belt
  • Upgrade option with more space:  Two Pocket Belt

Hydration System

  • Buddy Pouch H2O – This is all I need and only for runs over 15 miles.  There will be a future post to explain.
  • My newest gear: Triwonder Vest – This is great for carrying a water bottle or two, a phone, and other stuff.  Super cheap and very functional with no discomfort or bouncing


  • I recently replaced my terry cloth headbands with some from this century.  They work great to keep the sweat out of my eyes, but I haven’t found one that stands out as the best.  Here are a few to try:
  • Headband 1
  • Headband 2
  • Headband 3

Cold Weather (less than 50° F)

ID Bracelet


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